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3/4" Apollo Backflow Preventer 4ALF-204-A2F

The Apollo Series RP 4A or RPLF 4A Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer is designed to give maximum protection against backflow caused by either back-pressure or back-siphonage from substances that are hazardous. The durable but conomical device is easily maintained in the line with modular check cartridge assemblies that require no special tools. It consists of two independently acting spring-loaded check valves with an automatic differential relief valve located between the check valves. All test cocks are mounted at the top of the unit to assure easy access during repair and maintenance when unit is installed in tight places.


Lead Free - 1/2" - w/Ball Valves - SEA Threaded Test Cocks

3/4" Apollo Backflow Preventer 4ALF-204-A2F

SKU: 054-4234
  • P/N

  • Connection

    3/4" F NPT
  • Max Pressure

    175 psi
  • Material

    Lead Free Bronze
  • Package Dimensions

    17 x 10 x 4
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